Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ecological System: Bees and the Environment


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  1. Bees
  2. People
  3. Pesticide
  4. Flowers/ Plants
  5. Herbivores/ Omnivores
  6. Carnivores


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The people and the pesticide are connected. The bees, pesticides and flowers are directly connected to each other. The flowers and the herbivores and omnivores are connected. The carnivores are connected to the herbivores and omnivores.

Control and Feedback

People put pesticides on plants to try and prevent bugs from eating the plants. The bees then go to the flowers on these plants to try and feed themselves. The pesticide kills a lot of the bees. This means that the bees cannot pollinate all of these flowers. Since there is less pollination the plants cannot reproduce. Now the population of the plants decreases. The omnivores and herbivores that feed on these plants have less to eat and they begin to die off. The carnivores that eat the herbivores and omnivores now have less food to eat and they begin to die off.

Function and Purpose

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Bees are a vital part of the environment almost everywhere on the planet. They feed on the nectar from the flowers of plants. In the process of doing this they pollinate the plants which allows the plants then to reproduce or sprout fruit/ vegetables. Which then allows the rest of the food chain to have stuff to eat. Bees are critical to the survival of almost all animals on land.




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